Get Your Cartridge Family / 2nd Amendment Tee Shirt today, only $24.99

We can make any gun / image on a tee shirt - call for details and pricing. 

No minimum order, order as few as just one or two shirts.

Prices vary depending on decal. Directions for basic application are available on this site.

​We are not responsible for misuse of this item. We are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicle,
glass, window tinting or windows as a result of using this product. This product may not be legal in all states.
Check with local law enforcement if you have questions. Care should be taken in positioning to avoid blind spots.

We will not replace decals that are installed incorrectly and offer no warranty. All Sales are Final. 

Trucks & suv's

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Custom Designs Available - Fill out Contact Us Form to send request.

Toll Free: 866-930-5150

Gun Replica Decals for Trucks and SUV’s The idea here is to simulate a firearm in the rear window like the old hunting days in the Midwest or cowboys in the west. From behind with light to moderate tinting (see our tint chart for guidance) and proper environmental lighting, the follower will see the silhouette of a gun or guns in your rear window. Decals are made from high quality black vinyl. These are made to order, so please allow 14 business days for delivery. Each silhouette decal is close to full scale as we could get of the respective gun model, some decals include 2 strips of black vinyl to represent gun rack on rear windows without sliding window and a “Equipped with” decal.  View our YouTube video.

(Note: if you have a sliding rear window you will
have to cut narrow sections out of the decal and apply it in 2-3 pieces depending on your window style. These should be applied on the inside of the truck's or SUV’s back window, NOT ON THE OUTSIDE!!!)

Toll Free: 866-930-5150